192 Registrar General

AuthorRalph Hone

----CHAPTER 192.



[21st March 1914.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Registrar General Act.

  1. In this Act, 'Circuit Justice' means a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate, the Registrar General or the person performing the duties of a Circuit Justice when on circuit.

  2. The Departments of the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Registrar of Records shall be amalgamated under the control and management of the Registrar General as the head thereof.

  3. The Governor may appoint a Registrar General who shall hold office during pleasure. No person shall be appointed Registrar General unless(a) he is a member of at least five years standing of the English, Irish, Scottish or Bahamas Bar, or of the Bar of any other country of the Commonwealth to which a member of the Bahamas Bar is admitted without examination;

    or (b) he has been enrolled and has practised for at least five years as a solicitor in England, Ireland or Scotland, or in any other country of the Commonwealth in which a member of the Bahamas Bar is permitted to practise as a solicitor without examination.

  4. Whenever a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate is acting as Circuit Justice his duties as Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate shall be performed by the Registrar General in conjunction with his duties 7 of 1914.

    43 of 1926.

    45 of 1927.

    20 of 1944.

    9 of 1954.

    50 of 1954.

    43 of 1964.

    Short title.


    Amalgamation of Departments.

    Appointment of Registrar General.

    9 of 1954, s. 2.

    50 of 1954, s. 2.

    43 of 1964, Third Schd.

    Additional duties of Registrar General.

    20 of 1944, s. 2.

    as Registrar General or by such other person as may be appointed by the Governor.

    Appointment of 6.-(1) The Governor may appoint an Assistant Assistant Registrar Registrar General who shall hold office during pleasure.


    (2) The Assistant Registrar General shall assist the 43 of 1926, s. 2. Registrar General in the discharge of his duties as Registrar General and he shall be ex officio Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court.

    (3) Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to preclude the Assistant Registrar General from holding any office in the gift of either House of the Legislature.

    Vesting of 7--(1) All powers, authorities, jurisdictions, powers in Registrar rights, privileges, duties and liabilities by any Act conGeneral. ferred or imposed on the Registrar of the Supreme Court or the...

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