199 Fire Engines

AuthorRalph Hone




[8th June 1908.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Fire Engines Act.

  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires'brigade' means a volunteer fire brigade formed with the approval of the Governor for any district in New Providence or in any Out Island town or settlement provided with an engine;

    'chief fire officer' means(a) in New Providence, the Commissioner of Police or any police officer of and above the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police; and (b) in an Out Island, the commissioner;

    'engine' means a fire engine provided by the Legislature;

    'fire authority' means in New Providence, the Commissioner of Police, and in the Out Islands, the commissioner of the district provided with one or more engines;

    'member' means a member of a brigade.

  2. Every engine shall be under the superintendence and control of the fire authority, subject nevertheless to the provisions hereinafter contained for the transfer of its custody to a brigade and it shall be the duty of the fire authority to see that every engine not so transferred is at all times kept in good working order and the expenses thereby incurred shall be expenses payable under this Act.

    35 of 1908.

    21 of 1923.

    42 of 1940.

    12 of 1943.

    43 of 1964.

    Short title.


    43 of 1964, s. 4.

    42 of 1940, s. 2.

    43 of 1964, Third Schd.

    Control of engines.

    Brigades to have charge of engines.

    Neglect of engine by brigades.

  3. -(1) The fire authority, with the consent of the Governor, may place any engine in the custody and charge of any brigade the members of which shall be desirous of obtaining the same and who will undertake to keep the same in good working order and will consent to place themselves under the orders of the chief fire officer as their commanding officer and to observe such rules for their government as may be made under this Act.

    (2) Every engine at the coming into operation of this Act in the custody and charge of a brigade shall be deemed to be in such custody and control under the authority of this Act.

  4. If a brigade having taken charge of an engine shall neglect to keep the same in proper condition and working order, the fire authority, acting under the orders of the Governor, may retake possession of any such engine and place the same in some proper public engine shed; and the fire authority may at all times enter into any place where an engine is kept by any such brigade for the purpose of...

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