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[22nd July 1957.] [Commencement 1st January 1957.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Memorial Short title.

Scholarships Act.

  1. -(1) It shall be lawful for the Governor from Memorial time to time to appoint, for the purposes of this Act, a comlitstee Committee to be known as The Memorial Scholarships Committee (hereinafter called 'the Committee') and to appoint one member of the Committee to be the Chairman thereof:

    Provided that it shall be lawful for the members of the Committee to appoint a temporary Chairman during the temporary absence of the Chairman owing to illness, inability to attend a meeting of the Committee or other reasonable cause.

    (2) The Committee shall consist of five persons comprising the headmaster or one member of the teaching staff of each of the following secondary schools, namely: The Government High School, St. John's College, St. Augustine's College, and Queen's College, together with a person being a member of the House of Assembly.

  2. -(1) The Committee may grant five scholar- Scholarships.

    ships of value not exceeding six hundred pounds per annum each, tenable at universities or other institutions of higher learning or instruction, to deserving students or deserving former students of schools in the Colony who are under the age of twenty-five years on the thirtyfirst day of August in the year of award, such scholarships to be known respectively as the Harcourt Glad stone Malcolm Memorial Scholarship, the Sir George Henry Johnson Memorial Scholarship, the William Christopher Barnett Johnson Memorial Scholarship, the Alfred Francis Adderley Memorial Scholarship and the Sir Aubrey Kenneth Solomon Memorial Scholarship.

    (2) Not more than one scholarship may be awarded in any one year:

    Provided that if a scholarship lapses or is withdrawn it may be re-awarded to the extent of the unexpended balance of the value thereof notwithstanding the fact that a scholarship has been awarded or is to be awarded during the same year.

    (3) The several amounts required for the payment of scholarships and the expenses of carrying out the other provisions of this Act shall be payable by the Treasurer out of the general revenue of the Colony in the usual manner.

    Award of 4.-(1) The awards of scholarships shall be made scholarships. by the Committee in accordance with the results of examinations, set by examiners within or without the...

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