248 Explosives

AuthorRalph Hone




[14th May 1902.] [Commencement 1st January 1903.1

  1. This Act may be cited as The Explosives Act.

  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires'Commissioner of Police' includes any police officer authorised by him and in an Out Island the commissioner;

    'explosive' means gunpowder, nitroglycerine, dynamite, gun-cotton, blasting powder and any substance which may appear to the Governor to be specially dangerous to life or property by reason of its explosive properties;

    'gunpowder' includes any explosive used for ammunition or cartridges.

  3. The Governor may make rules(a) to regulate the mode of storing and the maximum amount of explosive to be kept in any government store, or in any private store for retail purposes;

    (b) to compel the storing of explosives in any store or place that may hereafter be provided or appointed by the Governor and to fix the rates at which explosives shall be stored in such store or place as aforesaid;

    (c) for the purpose of empowering and authorising the police or any other person authorised by the Governor to enter and inspect any store, warehouse or building where explosive is exposed for sale and to search for and seize and detain explosives;

    20 of 1902.

    5 of 1925.

    4 of 1942.

    26 of 1959.

    18 of 1965.

    Short title.


    4 of 1942, s. 2.

    Rules for storage of explosives.

    (d) to regulate the conveyance, loading and unloading of explosives and the description and construction of vehicles, ships or boats to be used in the conveyance of the same;

    (e) for fixing the places and times at which any explosive is to be loaded or unloaded and the quantity of any explosive to be loaded or unloaded or conveyed at one time or in one vehicle, ship or boat and for determining the precautions to be observed in conveying explosives;

    4 of 1942, s. 3.

    Keeper of Powder Magazine at Paradise Island.

    26 of 1959, s. 2.

    Rules for importation or transfer of high explosives.

    4 of 1942, s. 4.


    (f) to provide for the registration of persons who keep explosives.

  4. The Commissioner of Police shall be the Keeper of the Powder Magazine at Paradise Island.

  5. -(1) No person may import high explosive-into the Colony or obtain high explosive for any person in the Colony without the approval of the Commissioner of Police.

    (2) Every application for such approval shall be in the form contained in the Schedule to this Act and shall be signed...

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