91 Foreign Marriage

AuthorRalph Hone




[1st August 1916.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Foreign Marriage Act.

  1. A notice of a marriage intended to be solemnized under an Act of the Imperial Parliament entitled The Foreign Marriage Act 1892 shall be given by one of the parties intending such marriage who has had his or her usual place of abode for a period of not less than one week immediately preceding it in some place in the Colony to the Registrar General, in the form given in the Schedule to this Act.

  2. -(1) Every such notice when received by the Registrar General shall on payment of a fee of five shillings be published by him as an official notice in three issues of the Gazette.

    (2) Before publishing such notice the Registrar General may require to be satisfied that the person giving the same has complied with the provisions as to residence contained in section 2 of this Act.

  3. Every such official notice shall state that unless the Registrar General is made aware within one month of the third and final notice to be published in accordance with this Act of any impediment or objection which should obstruct the solemnization of the marriage, he will give to the party intending such marriage a certificate that the notice required by section 2 of this Act has been given and published.

  4. -(1) Any person may, within one month of the date of the third and final publication of the notice, on payment of a fee of five shillings to the Registrar I 7 of 1916.

    Short title.

    Notice of an intended marriage to be given to Registrar General.

    55 & 56 Vict.

    1. 23.


    Before publishing notice Registrar General may satisfy himself as to residence.

    What notice shall state.

    Time in which a caveat may be entered.

    Certificate to be withheld by Registrar.

    Matter may be referred to Attorney General for decision.

    Attorney General may be appealed to if Registrar refuses to give certificate.

    Certificate of Registrar to be given under his seal.

    Section 2.

    General, enter a caveat signed by him or on his behalf, and stating his residence and ground of his objection to the grant of the certificate, and thereupon the Registrar General shall withhold the certificate until he shall have examined into the 'matter of the caveat and is satisfied that it does not disclose any...

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