246 Employment Of Children Prohibition

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[27th February 1939.1 [Commencement 11th September 1939.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Employment of Children Prohibition Act.

  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-, 'child' means any person under the age of fourteen years;

    'employ' and 'employment' mean employment in an industrial undertaking;

    'guardian' includes any person who is liable to maintain or has the actual custody of the child;

    'industrial undertaking' includes(a) a mine, quarry, or distillery, or a sugar, spirit compounds, match, soap, cigar or cigarette:factory, or any undertaking in which articles are manufactured, altered, cleaned, repaired, ornamented, finished, adapted for sale, broken up or demolished or in which materials are transformed, including shipbuilding and the generation, transformation and transmission of electricity and motive power of any kind, but shall not include any agricultural undertaking;

    (b) construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, alteration or demolition of any building, railway, tramway, harbour, dock, pier, canal, inland waterway, road, tunnel, bridge, viaduct, sewer, drain, well, telegraphic or telephonic installation, electrical undertaking, gas work, water work, or other work of construction, as well as the preparation for or laying the foundation of any such work or structures;

    29 of 1939.

    3 of 1940.

    1 of 1957.

    Short title.


    3 of 1940, s. 2.

    (c) transport of passengers or goods by road or rail or inland waterway including the handling of goods at docks, quays, wharves and warehouses but excluding transport by hand.

    Prohibition of employment of a child.

  2. A child shall not be employed.

    Penalty for 4.-(1) If any person employs a child he shall be employment, liable to a fine of two pounds, or, in case of a second or subsequent offence, of five pounds.

    (2) If any parent or guardian of a child has conduced to the commission of the alleged offence by wilful default, or by habitually neglecting to exercise due care, he shall be liable to the like fine.

    Liability of agent or employer.

    False certificate or representation as to age.

    Presumption of age.

    3 of 1943, s.3.

    I of 1957, s. 6.

  3. ...

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