253 Inter-Insular Mails

AuthorRalph Hone




[17th August 1948.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Inter-Insular Mails Act.

  1. In this Act'mails' includes mail gags, mail boxes, letter bags, letter baskets, letters, newspapers, post cards, parcels, packets and other postal matter and also Government specie and treasure.

  2. --(1) It shall be lawful for the Governor to establish and maintain a mail service, and to enter into a contract or contracts for the carriage of mails, between Nassau and the ports of call set out in the First Schedule to this Act, or such other ports as the Governor may from time to time determine, and between one Out Island and another Out Island and between settlements in any Out Island district, and the mail service shall, so far as is consistent with the efficient working of the system and whenever suitable contracts can be made, be performed at intervals not greater than those set forth in the second column of the First Schedule to this Act; and the burthen of the vessels employed shall be not less than the burthens set forth in the third column of the First Schedule to this Act.

    (2) A summary of the provisions of every contract made under this Act shall forthwith be published in the Gazette for general information.

  3. The mail service established under this Act as to the whole service or any part thereof may be performed by sailing vessels, or by vessels moved or propelled by steam or other mechanical power.

  4. All contracts made under subsection (1) of section 3 of this Act shall contain such terms and conditions as the Governor may deem necessary for 8 of 1948.

    5 of 1954.

    3 of 1957.

    36 of 1958.

    50 of 1958.

    53 of 1961.

    54 of 1961.

    43 of 1964.

    Short title.


    Governor may establish mail service between Nassau and the Out Islands.

    First Schedule.

    Summary of contracts to be published.

    Mail service to be performed by sailing vessels or steam vessels.

    Provisions of contract.

    securing an efficient mail service including compliance 43 of 1964, with any law in force relating to the safety of ships and Third Schd. passengers at sea.

    Vessels performing mail service may carry passengers and cargo.

    Second Schedule.

    5 of 1954, s. 2.

  5. -(1) Every vessel performing the mail service established by this Act may so far as the same is not inconsistent with the maintenance of an efficient service, and so far as the same does not cause undue delay in the collection, conveyance...

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