Johnson v Bell Island

JudgeThompson, V.P.
Judgment Date21 July 2015
CourtIndustrial Court (Bahamas)
Docket NumberIT/NES/1479/10
Date21 July 2015

Industrial Tribunal

Thompson, V.P.


Bell Island

Mr. Darron Ellis of Counsel for the applicant.

Mrs. Gail Lockhart-Charles of Counsel for the respondent.

Employment Law - Industrial dispute — Termination of employment — Dismissal — No admission of liability — Matter settled — Application dismissed.

Thompson, V.P.

UPON THE HEARING of the Originating Application filed herein on the 26th day of September, A.D., 2010;


AND UPON HEARING Mr. Darron Ellis of Counsel for the applicant;


AND WHEREAS this matter having been called for Hearing on the 13th day of July, A.D., 2015;


AND WHEREAS both parties informed the Tribunal that they had entered into an agreement for settlement in the sum of Twelve Thousand Five Hundred ($12,500.00) Dollars to be paid by the respondent to the applicant as full and final payment with no admission of liability on the part of the respondent;


AND WHEREAS a Notice of Withdrawal “Form K” was executed and filed on behalf of the applicant and a Deed of Release was executed by the parties and delivered to the Tribunal.


AND WHEREAS the applicant has received the said sum of Twelve Thousand ($12,500.00) Dollars.


AND WHEREAS in view of the above and in accordance with Rule 12 (1), (a) of the Industrial Relations (Tribunal Procedure) Rules 2010 the Originating Application which was filed on the 6th day of September, 2010 hereby stands dismissed.

Keith H. Thompson

Vice President

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