244 Recruiting Of Workers

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[27th February 1939.] [Commencement 1st October 1940.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Recruiting of Short title.

Workers Act.

  1. -(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise Interpretation.

    requires'Convention' means the Convention concerning the regulation of certain Special Systems of Recruiting Workers adopted by the International Labour Conference in June, 1936;

    'licensing officer' means a person appointed by the Governor to be a licensing officer for the purposes of this Act;

    'licensee' means the holder of a licence under this Act;

    'magistrate' means a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate or a commissioner;

    'prescribed' means prescribed by regulations made under this Act;

    'worker' means a person who is intended to be employed in manual work of any kind, including the work of stevedore.

    (2) A person recruits within the meaning of this Act who by himself or through others procures, engages, hires or supplies or undertakes or attempts to procure, engage, hire or supply workers for the purpose of being employed by himself or by any other person, so long as such worker does not spontaneously offer his services at the place of employment or at a public emigration or employment office or at an office conducted by an employers' organisation and supervised by the Government.

    Application of 3. The provisions of this Act shall apply toAct.

    (a) the recruitment of workers for employment outside the Colony; and (b) the recruitment of personal or domestic servants or non-manual workers for work outside the Colony if such recruiting is done by professional recruiting agents.

    recruitsons twho be 4.-(1) No person shall recruit workers unless he is licensed, licensed in that behalf under the provisions of this Act.

    (2) Every person desirous of obtaining a licence under this section shall apply to a licensing officer who may in his discretion issue a licence(a) if he is satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper person to be granted a licence;

    (b) if the prescribed security has been furnished; and (c) if he is satisfiedthat adequate provision has been made for safeguarding the health and welfare of the workers to be recruited.

    (3) A licence shall be subject to such conditions as shall be prescribed, and shall not be transferable.

    (4) No licence shall be issued for a period exceeding one year, but it may be renewed if a licensing officer is satisfied that...

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