The Bahama Islands Royal Instructions 1963

AuthorRalph Hone


Dated: 20th December 1963.



Commencement and revocation.

Governor to administer oaths.

Instructions to be observed by Acting Governor.

INSTRUCTIONS to Our Governor and Commander-inChief in and over Our Bahama Islands or other Officer for the time being Administering the Government of Our Said Islands.

We do hereby direct and enjoin and declare Our will and pleasure as follows: 1. These Instructions may be cited as the Bahama Islands Royal Instructions 1963.

  1. These Instructions shall have effect as from the day appointed by the Governor in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of section 1 of the Constitutional Order in Council and thereupon the existing instructions shall be revoked.* 3. The Governor, acting in his discretion, may, whenever he thinks fit, require any person in the public service to make an oath or affirmation of allegiance in the form set out in the Schedule to the Constitution, together with such other oaths as may be prescribed in any law in force in the Bahama Islands.

  2. -(1) Whenever there is a subsisting appointment of an Acting Governor under section 18 of the Constitution, these Instructions, so far as they are applicable to any matter or thing to be done, or any power or function to be performed, by such Acting Governor, shall be deemed to be addressed to, and shall be observed by, such Acting Governor.

    (2) Any such Acting Governor may, if he thinks fit, apply to Us through a Secretary of State for instructions in any matter; but he shall forthwith transmit to the Governor a copy of every despatch or other communication so addressed to him.

    * The day appointed by the Governor from which these Instructions had effect was 7th January 1964-see Proclamation dated 4th January 1964.

  3. When any Act has been enacted by the Legislature, or any Bill has been reserved for the signification of Our pleasure, the Governor shall forthwith transmit to Us, through a Secretary of State, a transcript in duplicate of the Act or Bill, duly authenticated under the Public Seal and by his own signature, together with an explanation of the reasons and occasion for the enactment of the Act or the passing of the Bill.

  4. As soon as practicable after the commencement of each year, the Governor shall cause a complete collection of all Acts...

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