32 Public Market And Slaughterhouse

AuthorRalph Hone




[2nd July 1947.] 1. This Act may be cited as The Public Market and Slaughterhouse Act.

  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires'butcher's meat' means and includes any beef, mutton, veal, lamb, pork, kid and the meat of any other animal slaughtered for the purpose of sale;

    'district of Nassau' means that portion of the Island of New Providence bounded on the north by the Harbour of Nassau; on the east by Village Road; on the west by Nassau Street and a line continued in a southwardly direction from the southern end of Nassau Street until it reaches the southern boundary and on the south by Wulff Road and a line continued in a westwardly direction from the western end of Wulff Road until it reaches the western boundary;

    'Minister' means the Minister charged with the responsibility for the administration of this Act;

    'public market' means the public market established under the provisions of this Act for the sale of marketable commodities, and includes all buildings, sheds, covered and open spaces and grounds connected therewith;

    'slaughterhouse' means any place in the Colony declared by Order to be such by the Governor under section 3 of this Act;

    28 of 1947.

    77 of 1957.

    G.N. 7 (22) of 1964.

    Short title.


    G.N. 7 (22) of 1964.

    77 of 1957, s. 2.

    'supervisor' means the supervisor of the public market or of the slaughterhouse, as the case may be.

    Public market 3.-(1) The public market in the City of Nassau and slaughter- established under the authority of The Public Markets house. and Slaughterhouses Act 1929 shall be deemed to be 5 of 1929. established under this Act.

    77 of 1957, s. 3. (2) The Governor may by Order declare any place in the Colony to be a slaughterhouse for the purpose of this Act and may define the limits thereof.

    eContol 4. The superintendence of the public market and Minister. slaughterhouse shall be vested in the Minister.

    Powers of 5. It shall be lawful for the Minister to do all or Minister.

    any of the following matters or things: (a) to purchase out of public funds, all such measures, scales and weights, furnishings and appliances as shall be necessary for the public market 'or slaughterhouse;

    (b) to make or cause to be made and paid for out of public funds all such repairs, alterations, improvements and additions to the public market or slaughterhouse as he shall deem necessary and proper;

    (c) to grant and issue licences for the sale of...

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