242 Truck

AuthorRalph Hone




4 of 1907.

[8th July 1907.1

  1. This Act may be cited as The Truck Act.

    Short title.

  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires'workman' means any person engaged in manual labour in any factory or premises, room or place in which or within the close or curtilage or precincts of which any manual labour is exercised by way -of trade or for purposes of gain, but does not include a menial or domestic servant or an apprentice.

  3. In any contract of service hereafter to be made in the Colony for the hiring of any workman for the performance of any labour within the Colony the wages of such workman shall be made payable and be paid in the current coin of the Colony and not otherwise:

    Provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed so as to prevent or render invalid any contract for the payment, or any actual payment, to such workman as aforesaid of the whole or any part of his wages, in drafts or orders for the payment of money to the bearer on demand, drawn upon any person lawfully carrying on the business of a banker in the Colony, if such workman shall be freely consenting to receive such drafts or orders, so made with such consent as aforesaid in any such drafts or orders as aforesaid, but all payments as aforesaid, shall for the purposes of this Act be as valid and effectual as if such payments had been made in the current coin of the Colony:

    Provided also that if any such draft or order as aforesaid shall be dishonoured or not paid on presentation to such person lawfully carrying on the business of Interpretation.

    Wages to be paid in the current coin of the Colony.

    a banker as aforesaid the employer of the workman to whom such draft or order as aforesaid has been delivered in such part payment or payment of wages as aforesaid shall in addition to any other liability which such employer may incur by reason of such dishonour or non-payment pay to such workman or to a holder in due course of any such draft or order so dishonoured or unpaid as aforesaid a sum of money equal to fifteen per centum of the amount specified in such draft or order and such sum shall be recoverable before the commissioner of the district in which any such workman resides.

    Order for goods as a deduction from wages illegal.

  4. In any action brought by a workman for the recovery of his wages, the employer shall not be entitled to any set off or counter-claim in respect of any goods...

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