247 Employment Of Young Persons

AuthorRalph Hone


2869 ~-CHAPTER 247.



[27th February 1939.] [Commencement 11th September 1939.1

  1. This Act may be cited as The Employment of Short title.

    Young Persons Act.

  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise Interpretation.

    requires'employ' and 'employment' include gratuitous employment;

    'industrial undertaking' includes(a) a mine, quarry, or distillery or a sugar, spirit compounds, match, soap, cigar or cigarette factory, or any undertaking in which articles are manufactured, altered, cleaned, relpaired, ornamented, finished, adapted for sale, broken uip or demolished or in which materials are transformed, including shipbuilding and the generation, transformation and transmission of electricity and motive power of any kind, but shall not include any agricultural undertaking;

    (b) construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, alteration or demolition of any building, railway, tramway, harbour, dock, pier, canal, inland waterway, road, tunnel, bridge, viaduct, sewer, drain, well, telegraphic or telephonic installation, electrical undertaking, gas work, water work, or other work of construction, as well as the preparation for or laying the foundation of any such work or structures;

    (c) transport of passengers or goods by road or rail or inland waterway including the Prohibition of employment on ships of young persons under 14 years.

    General prohibition of night work.

    Industries affected by exceptional circumstances.

    Exemption in certain circumstances.


    handling of goods at -docks, quays, wharves and warehouses but excluding transport by hand;

    'night work' means work in an industrial undertaking during any time between the hours of eight o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the morning;

    'parent' includes guardian or other such person who is liable to maintain or has actual custody of a young person;

    'ship' means any sea-going ship or boat of any description registered in the Colony as a British ship and includes sea-going fishing boats;

    'young person' means a person who is twelve years of age and upwards and under the age of sixteen years.

  3. It shall not be lawful to employ any young person under the age of fourteen years upon any ship other than a ship(a) upon which only members of the same family are employed; or (b) within the waters of the Colony.

  4. It shall not be lawful, except as expressly provided in this Act, to employ young...

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