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AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
The Law: The Social and Economic Effect on The Bahamas 2000 - 2020
Derence Rolle Davis received his Bachelors of Business
Administration, BBA in Economics and Finance from Tiffin
University, a Master of Laws degree, LLM with a concentration in
Corporate and Commercial Law from the University of London. He
is a lecturer in History, Economics and Law. He is a former practising
Attorney and acting Industrial Tribunal judge and presently, Senior
Magistrate. He has endeavoured to bring to the world the
experiences and changes that have opened the new demands of and
on The Bahamas.
The Bahamas is a small country with an ever-changing
mentality and conviction to progress. These ever-evolving changes
have been a catalyst in the life of the author, which has propelled him
to share from his perspective on the law and its impact on the social
and economic structure of The Bahamas. It is his hope that you will
use this platform as a launching pad to formulate your own views on
the negative and positive effects of these evolutionary changes in our
great Bahama land.
The world as we knew it will never be the same again!

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