AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
Derence Rolle Davis
It is hoped that I have demonstrated sufficiently that the law which comes
from the legislative branch and is interpreted by the judicial branch of
government has a lasting effect on each person’s social and economic standings.
When the legislature passes a law and a member of the society feels aggrieved by
that law, or when there is an infraction of the law, the same law that was passed
is applied for or against the citizen or a person who appears before the court.
Any judge or magistrate applies the law based on the facts before him or her. The
judge through that law can affect your social wellbeing, that is, your liberty
and/or your economic wellbeing, that is, your money, through an order to pay
the government or to compensate a victim or complainant.
Consideration of law, society and economy is but a circle. No person is
unaffected by any of these three and therefore inescapable. For example, a young
man may be found standing in a particular area and arrested and charged for
loitering. That young man is then brought before the court and is convicted of
the offence and fined, which attracts a criminal record and also affects his pocket.
That same young man later on applies for a job and is now required to produce a
Police Certificate on which the conviction and fine is recorded. The young man
may then be denied a job on the basis of that Police Certificate. The denial of a
job affects his social and economic standing.
Best examples to consider for the benefit of citizens socially and
economically is information stored in a cloud. The cloud format allows for a
more efficient means of tax reporting, citizenship and planning for developments
which must be considered. One of the better examples of the use of information
technology such as the cloud is demonstrated by the country of Estonia, which is
in Europe. Surprisingly, Estonia is willing to share its success with us. We only
need ask.57
The Bahamas needs to have a plan to sustain itself. I consider that the
need to have a unified plan to allow the stakeholders, and those stakeholders are
the community of the country, to play a greater part in its development and
sustainability. We have to accept that the country cannot just see itself as
election controlled, changing tide as the government is elected. We must be able
to set out a plan that the sitting government and every successive government
can be bound too.
57 As stated in w “The goal of e-Estonia Briefing Centre is to inspire global policy
makers, political leaders, corporate executives, investors and international media with the success story of
e-Estonia and build links to leading IT service providers. “

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