AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
Derence Rolle Davis
I have been in the practise of the law since 1995 and have collected cases to assist
in legal arguments. I am a student of history and have been a part time lecturer
on the subject. I have followed the changes in economic policy and
implementation of the accounting of resources for the benefit of society.
The purpose of this book is to show the impact of the law on the social and
economic structure of The Bahamas from the onset of the millennium (2000) to
Some of these changes may be described as evolutionary, while others have been
merely reactionary and some may argue, even crippling in their effect. What we
can say with a certainty is that The Bahamas as we knew it 20 years ago no
longer exists.
We have moved from a tax haven of more than 40 years of existence to a most
stringent tax system where a new or used vehicle for example, when imported,
attracts a 50% or 65% customs duty. Since 2015 Bahamians have been saddled
with a Value Added Tax (VAT) which initially stood at 7.5% but has now been
increased to 12%. Consequently, the customs duty on a vehicle is either a 72% or
77% increase on the value of that vehicle when Value Added Tax (VAT), stamp
duty and a processing fee is added. It is like buying the vehicle twice.
When laws are made, their purpose and objectives are stated in the white papers
prepared for the consideration of the Cabinet and reflected in the resultant
Cabinet conclusion or green paper. I will show how the connection is broader
and the laws have an impact on society.
This book addresses the issues that are not ordinarily considered by most people
about the law. I hope to show you the reader, how when a law is made its
rippling effects, socially and economically impact the daily lives of the country’s
citizens. Enacted laws have repercussion on society at large.

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