Words Of Power

AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
Derence Rolle Davis
I will do everything in my power to ensure that we start hanging these
murderers,” Dr. Hubert Minnis pledged in a Tribune interview. If elected, he said
that is what they would do. These were in fact powerful, empowering words of
hope and a new day dawning. Words of power!
Hurricane Matthew occurred, causing hardship on many Bahamians as a
result of the damage it caused and the loss of homes and utility services.
The College of the Bahamas was transitioned to full university status and
renamed University of The Bahamas (UB). “The mission of the University is to
advance and expand access to higher education, promote academic freedom, drive
national development and build character through teaching, learning, research,
scholarship and service.” (As stated on the UB website) Words of power!
Loretta Butler Turner became the first female leader of the official
Opposition after seven MPs moved a vote of no confidence in the Leader of the
FNM, Dr. Minnis. Words of power! The words that she uttered were that Dr.
Minnis was too weak.
A demonstration by “We March Bahamas” marched in downtown Nassau
calling for better management of The Bahamas economically and for social and
wildlife reforms. “We March” was perhaps the largest organized march in
modern times. Words and power in action. The words of power used by “We
March” was in their slogan. One of the leaders of We March was Raynard
Henfield, who later was appointed by the government as a Senator.
PM Minnis, on winning the general election of 2017 made remarks that
created an expectation amongst the populace that he would do as he promised,
when he said “those who have abused positions of trust have something to fear!” Words
of power!
In 2017 Mr. Ellsworth Johnson (then Minister of State in the Ministry of
Justice & Legal Affairs) called for the delay in appointing a substantive Chief
Justice to cease. He expressed the view that the converse would be to allow the
Office, which is not above reasonable criticism, to be subjected to observations
and sentiments that may not be in the best interest of the administration of
justice. Minister Johnson stated that:

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