Conspiracy, Communications & Health Care

AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
Derence Rolle Davis
In keeping with the concept of the household being run properly. The head of
the household or country has to make decisions as it relates to the wellbeing of
the citizenry and make it clear as to what is expected of every citizen and visitor
alike. The implementation of laws is the rules in which the house hold and
country members are subjected too for order.
The term conspiracy connotes that there is two or more persons giving
thought to a plan and how it should be executed. The Penal Code under section
89 explains conspiracy thus:
“If two or more persons agree or act together with a common purpose in
committing or abetting an offence whether with or without any previous
concert or deliberation, each of them is guilty of conspiracy to commit or abet
that offence as the case may be.”
The theory is that a belief that something will be done or not done even if
it’s based on the wrong thought is a conspiracy. Additionally it can be an idea
used to account for a situation or justify a course of action.
While visiting The Bahamas movie star actor John Travolta and Kelly
Preston’s son died on 2nd January, 2009. Charges of Attempted Extortion,
Abetment and Conspiracy were subsequently laid against two Bahamians;
namely, paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and former Senator Pleasant
Bridgewater. This caused quite a sensation amongst the local populace as well as
it attracted some media attention abroad, as can be imagined.22 Bridgewater
resigned from the Senate.
Particulars of the charges were that the two were accused of extorting
money from the actor not to sell the story to newspapers and gave the
appearance as if Travolta had some hand in the death of his son. Bridgewater, as
Lightbourn’s attorney, was said to have been the negotiator for the payoff price.
The case ended in a mistrial. Consequently, a retrial was reordered. Once the
retrial started, the virtual complainant, John Travolta, withdrew his complaint
and the defendants were discharged and released.
22 See further, ABC news article: John Travolta's Son Dies in The Bahamas, by Dan Childs and
Radha Chitale, ABC News Medical Unit, 2 January 2009

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