The Political/Social Movement

AuthorDerence A. Rolle Davis
The Law: The Social and Economic Effect on The Bahamas 2000 - 2020
House of Assembly
The mind-set at that time was more about community unification
and self-improvement. Despite the increase in money amongst more Bahamians,
the opportunity did not diminish being our brothers’ keeper. Equality for all was
among the masses as the concept of “one man, one vote” and it dominated the
thoughts of Bahamian society. This was only achieved in the 1967 election. The
irony apparent in the refrain is that despite the herculean efforts of women in the
struggle for equality, they were granted enfranchisement in 1961. Notably
women exercised that right in the November 26, 1962 election.
The year 1997 was a turnaround period for the country. This was when,
for the second time, the people re-elected a government outside of the PLP. The
FNM government was elected in a landslide victory. In 2000 the novelty of the

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